Limited Repair Warranty

Thank you for entrusting your vehicle’s restoration to our care. Rancho Auto Body provides a Limited Warranty on all workmanship performed by our company. We certify that the structural restoration was based upon vehicle manufacturer’s recommended specifications. We use only the finest products, techniques, and craftsmanship to complete the job to your satisfaction. This Limited Warranty covers parts and materials used in the repair and the labor required to complete the process. Rancho Auto Body provides a One (1) Year Limited Warranty on new OEM parts, which carry their own manufacturer’s warranty. The new OEM parts must have been installed by or at the shop. This shop will repair or replace the defective part warranted with no labor charge when claim is made within one year from the date repairs were completed and your vehicle was returned to you. Rancho Auto Body provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty on paint work, which carries its own manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty only applies to the following defects; cracking or checking, loss of gloss caused by hazing, chalking, and/or fading, peel of the topcoat or of all the layers included in the process, from the substrate, color change of the refinish material, and blistering caused by moisture. This shop will re-prime, re-paint, re-stripe, or re-decal the specific sections of the vehicle warranted at no cost to you unless caused by or resulting from road wear, stone chips, scratches or abrasions caused intentionally or accidentally, damage caused by accidents or vandalism, chemical exposure, unusual environmental causes, or lack of care on your part. The warranty does not apply to blemishes or blistering caused by rust originating within the auto body, or on vehicles which have been repainted. Rancho Auto Body provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty that body work will be free from defects. If it is determined that there is a defect in body work, we will repair those defects at no cost to you unless the defects are caused by or resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance, or care of the vehicle.

Warranty Provisions:

This Limited Warranty will be null and void if the repair is altered, adjusted, or hampered with by any person not authorized by the warrantor. This Limited Warranty is valid only for the person to whom this Limited Warranty is granted and whose name appears on the original repair order; it is not transferable. A loaner vehicle will be provided if available. All warranty inspections, repairs, and/or adjustments will only be made at the shop premises of the warrantor during normal business hours. We make no warranties which extend beyond the description of this document. Specifically excluded are incidental costs, such as towing fees, car rental charges, travel expenses, or assemblies and components which are not specifically covered by this Limited Warranty.

Warrantee Requirements:

If a problem should arise with your vehicle after you have taken delivery, please contact us promptly to make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected. Bring your original paperwork and this document with you at the time of the appointment. If it is determined that the claim is covered under this Limited Warranty, every effort will be made to prioritize scheduling your vehicle in for re-service.